Thursday, April 29, 2010

damn hot out there

i guess these times are over for a while...
i'm off to look for some light clothes!

summer tune:

civil civic - less unless

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

kentucky boy bonnie 'prince' billy

i'd give you a dream and you'd only wake from it
now i'll never go to sleep again.
i'd give you a treasure and you'd only take from it
look at the hole where jewelry had been
i gave you ten lives and you wasted twenty.
and you, you have vanished, into the air
the air in which i must live

the entire april was dedicated to the kentucky boy bonnie 'prince' billy. not only this song but many more are worth to listen to. but this song's imagery just won my heart.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

videos for spring/summer collections

Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno Spring Summer 2010

so precious!

Dark Collection: Video Lookbook for Supermachines

i have a thing for black recently.

ACNE at the Barbican: SS'10 Presentation

Pink Cobra: SS'10 Video Lookbook

Perpetual Leisure: complexgeometries SS10 Film by Jason Last

save the world - ride a bike!

bikes are so much underestimated! i always try to encourage people to take the bike instead of the car. i just don't get it why people don't love riding their bikes. it's fun, it's healthy, it's calming, it's ecofriendly, and ok, sometimes it's wet...just like today -
but i'll love it anyways.

i'm afraid my good old bike won't do it much longer which is so sad. i pimped it up from an old rusty thang to this little treasure of mine. first time in my life that i had a spray can in my life and all those manly tools, haha.

i want this:

the flobots - handlebars

Sunday, April 25, 2010

year of the tiger

it is the year of the tiger - and summer's finally started. i sounded the bell for the warm days with grabbing my skateboard and laying on a roof at night.

sufjan stevens - year of the tiger

Saturday, April 24, 2010

plateau shoes - seriously?

since my trip to hamburg i can call a pair of 11cm high shoes mine - but that really is the limit. there are some shoes on the market and like, i mean, look at them! how is one supposed to walk in them - seems quite impossible...

gabriella gonzales

what the hell?
chain shoes - vinnare av SHOEMANIA skotävling

ok, i have to admit - i love these acne shoes, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to walk in them!

aticoma wedge ankle boot

i simply have to show you these: they are organic and sustainable since they consist of recycled car innertubes - isn't that awesome. i really like the parsons graduate's collection - rachel ford.
check her out:

ah, such a girls' topic - shoes, haha.

Friday, April 23, 2010


i adore her music - as you might notice in the future i have a thing for whiny and melancholy songs, but also for electronic influences AND i love piano - jeannel combines all of these features...perfect!
i can just warmly recommend this young woman to all of you.

i can't wait for her concert coming soon.
may, 28th bogen 2, cologne
so excited!!

so now listen:

black hair & green eyesbyjeannel

and some other stuff in german:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

angus & julia stone once again

i want someone to take me for a ride on a big jet plane, too! somewhere far away from here - it has been far too long...

since last week i own their new cd, and i simply love this song!
ever since i heard 'just a boy' i'm a fan of this brother-sister duo and you know what - angus stone used to look like my host brother - so funny!

on moday april 26th, they'll give a concert in cologne.

some jewellery i really would love to have!

by paige novick

by miEttE for only 1,000,000 haha

by i.ume