Sunday, October 31, 2010

ballerina dreams

i always wanted to become a ballerina, but my mother wouldn't let me, for my sister didn't like it, when she was a kid. isn't that super unfair? i bet, i would have made a wonderful ballerina, haha.
ballet is so beautiful!

GOTAN PROJECT - La Gloria from Ya Basta records on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



My weekend war starts on Friday nights

It's a war against myself, against my senses.

I only want to see the northern lights

That would be like fences

To protect me from my memories.

But intrinsically

It goes like this:

I drink until
I can't be drunk,
Drink myself sober.
I drink until
My stomach expands,
And everything is insubstantial

I drink until

It becomes too much

And I vomit
To tear,
(To forget you,)
To feel,

(To forget you)
To bust!

I hurl to the beat of my heart

Beating just for you.

I am drunk.
Guttural words express this
Forfeiture, devotion,
My hands aren't
Moving in time with my thoughts
And I can't even taste the burn
Widdling down my throat.

Time moves,

I'm stuck!

I hurl to the beat of my heart

Beating just for you.

I remember the taste of
The acid when it lines
My throat,
Erupts from stomach,

The way I salivate
And eyes splinter shut
Into slits-

I can see
No light!

I hurl to the beat of my heart

Beating just for you.

I like when I'm so fucked up

That I can't taste anything but the memory of you

And I was too fucked up to remember

And it was better that way.

probably wrote this about one year ago...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


agnes obel - riverside

tonight in münster at gleis 22
looking forward to it!

dance dance dance

last night beatplantation


i could be compared to a rollercoaster, i guess.

burial & four tet - moth

ritual - stone and glass

damn it, didn't make it to last night's show...

Friday, October 22, 2010

silversun pickups - rusted wheel

rusted wheel - can't move on

stand by me

alvaro royo censured

he reminds me of morrisey in this picture a lot - maybe morrissey was from madrid as well and then moved to london, who knows, haha.

mario basanov and vidis feat. jazzu - i'll be gone

will take you with me to those places
where we can laugh out loud all night and i
i will dance you in morning dew
just me and you

the golden filter - solid gold

follow the golden fox

bora aksu

i like those leggins!

the new spring summer collection isn't what i normally favor - too dark and too much red, but the türkish designer always creates some pieces i like.
turkish fashion in london

Friday, October 1, 2010


blue tongue

donkeyboy - ambitions

last night was sweden night plus lots of beer.
this song will always remind me of albert and barcelona, for he showed me the song the night before and i woke up to it as well and we listened to it for about half an hour, haha.
it is so cheering, and yet actually a really sad song to me.