Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another random night in the club

Dancing myself away with no halt

except for poisoning myself

by inhaling the usual blend

you catch a glance of me

and next thing you know is

us laughing together

us talking with tongues

sweeter than overripe figs

tongues adhered like

a bee caught in honey

overwhelmed I leave you

but you find me anyways

back in my studio

at 10am in the morning

to fall asleep together

fully clothed

We lie nose on nose

Our limbs tangled like snarled hair

I try to imitate your breaths

Like a windflute the blows

Of a howling gale

Unable to fall asleep

For my visions couldn’t be

Better than the instant

Nonetheless, I wake up

Covered in your piss

Awkward silence

And I almost laugh myself

To enuresis

You kiss me goodbye

And say that next time

We’ll go to your place

But the only call I get

Is from your angry girlfriend

Having found our messages

I try to save your relationship

By telling the truth

About that night

since to her it only matters

Si j’ai couché avec toi

And I still try to comprehend

Your opaque intentions

My opaque reaction

The opaque conduct of life

Which always leaves me

As the plus one

Fuck you