Tuesday, October 13, 2009


london, this time not a trip alone, no, i flew over to england with two friends of mine. we stayed at the clink hostel, which was pretty good in my eyes. renovated, colorful, and right at kings cross. well, we walked a lot and walked, and walked, different from paris.
in london everything is wide spread and without the subway you cannot get to all places you want to fast. sight seeing of course, and shopping was a big part of the trip. mainly because we couldn't do much besides, for you don't have a life there when you are under 18. i had found out some concerts like the cinematics, but we weren't allowed to see them, becaue we weren't 18 and the event took place in a bar. so inconvenient. we just talked to one of the band members and he was like yeah, you should get in and see us. cool, we have fans from germany, cool, man, and bla bla. that was the end of our night life and all the clubs and places i had written down earlier. so we sat in soho square park and watched people and imagined their story why they were sitting there, pretty amusing actually.
again i used the opportunity and looked at another school - central saint martins college of art and design. i don't know, but i think parsons would fit me better, because they coorporate with other countries and the traffic in britain, uh, and i don't know, the flair is just different.
still, i liked london.
people were crazy, and i liked that.
and the british accent= <3...well for some time, i don't know about having to listen to it all the time, i think i prefer the american english.

Monday, October 12, 2009


paris, hooray. after i went through the doors of the airport without giving any notice to the toll, even though i had the bags filled up with clothes i bought in the us and should have told about - i was lucky and did not get caught - i ordered a cap, for i thought it was the best way with my trillion bags and uncertain location of my hostel. well, yeah, i went straight into a traffic jam and the ride cost me 50 euro- uh, i was so pummed, not. my hostel was precious "hotel des jeunes" close to the louvre. i spent my days walking through paris, admiring all the architectures, people, places, faces - everything. my french was bad, but it got better with time. understanding wasn't the problem, even though people tended to think i couldn't tell what they were talking about me.
i visited parsons school of design and a girl from iceland gave me tour and told me about school life there. the building itself was really unconsiderable, i almost walked passed it, but i liked it. it would only be interesting for me in the first year, anyways, for the fashion building is situated somewhere else. i fell in love with the school, a little, but yeah, i have to get tons of scholarships to attend this school.
thankfully i didn't have to be all alone these four days. the first day i met grace from melbourne and i went to a cafe right at the seine and drank some wine with her. i thought she was my age, well almost...25 isn't that much of a difference, huh? haha
the next day i got to know manon and she was really super nice. manon with her 21 years has lived in all parts of france, i'm not kidding, and luck was on my side that she had lived in australia for three months,too, so her english was good. manon was planning to move from south france to paris for university, and needed perfect english for the audition, so i practiced with her.
we spend an evening sitting next to the seine, which was nice.
she also helped me on my last day to get to the train station. i could never have handeled the way there without her. i can't say that french people are rude to foreigners like everyone always tells me.
i heart paris and i wasn't even shopping - surprising, huh?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


there is not much i can say about the bean town, for i have only been there one day, a sunday in addition. but when i flew in, it was the night of 4th july and i could see all the fireworks from above boston harbor. beautiful, but not as beautiful as it would have been from down on earth, i believe. i planned do get this view, too, but one of my bags got lost on the flight, and the other problem was, that you cannot secure your lugage at the airport anymore, thanks to september 11th. my entire plan, putting my bags in a safe room, sleep at the airport and go in town did not work out, so i had to find a hotel room for the night, yay.

i did the best out of it and ordered the hotel's shuttel and drove into the city at 6 am. early, i know. even if it had not been a sunday, the stores still would have been closed. yet, i walked through town, took pictures and did some sight seeing. it was a sunny day and i got the impression of a nice city right by the sea side, where you can hear the seagulls sing, the sea air blow through your hair and everything is idyllic. i was sure, that there would have been more life to another day time and weekday. the only bad impression i got, were all the homeless people in town. i walked through this little park to drink my coffee when every single bench was already occupied by a sleeping person. there was this chinese homeless couple doing there yoga or whatever in front of the lake and i don't know. it was a strange feeling.

i did not have a map at all, but somehow i managed to go places, until the early noon, when i walked this one street down and down and down and was wondering, why i did not get back to my subway station. luckily i found my way and got back to the hotel to get my flight to reykjavik and closer to home...

a new beginning again

it is october now. a long time has passed since i left the states and wrote my last blog, and i want to start anew. however, i feel like i am doing the places i recently went injustice, if i do not write a short comment about them.

i do not even know, if i really want to continue this in fact, but i want to try it, for i want to immortalize pictures for me and others, let other people take part in my life, though they do not belong to it in a way anymore.

a picture diary.

so let the flush of pictures begin.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Concert With Ida Marie

a friday night and a free concert in kansas city is coming up. of course, i couldn't let this event be happening without me. my friend renee and i drove down to kc and almost died in the car because of the humid weather and the not very well-working air condition in the car (you have to push both buttons the entire time, so that the green light is flashing, fun and not tirering for the fingers, not.)
since we had about an hour before the ooncert was supposed to start, we drove a little around, but not as usual to our favorite spot westport, no, this time we went to the more fancy art district downtown. it was like a new world to us, we've never gone there and actually, there is a lot to see, also. an exotic looking supermarket caught our attention and for we both love food that is different, we had to go in there. first thing we found were grappels - the description was very promising "taste of a grape but crunchy like an apple" a must. the other item we bought was in chocolate covered sunflower seeds, yes. at the counter worked an angel of a guy and we had quite a conversation.
just to warn you, the grappels were a letdown,but the seeds were so much the better.
everybody knows that 10 minutes before the show there aren't parking spots at the beaumont club, so we thought, "ha, we just go down pennsylvanya and park down at the hospital parking lot" no sooner said than done. we walked up to the place of the night and for people from saint joseph, who don't swear on holister and american eagle like everyone else, kansas city is a mekka for the eye. the good mood was increasing. then we realized - id, shux. back to the car and we found the parking lot locked. HAHA. great. turned out to be private, but the luck was on our side and someone left the lot and we could follow him. since we didn't want to miss all of the show we took a spot in the parking garage for 5 bucks. at the entrance we noticed that the id isn't necessary at all, underage with no doubt, so we got the two black crosses on the back of our hands,awesome.

the first band, the limousines, finished their last song. bummer, they were part of why we went to see the show, and we didn't even hear "very busy people" oh, well.
after that the next band took foreeeeever with the setting up. finally at 9:30 miike snow started. the lead singer, a very feminin fellow, said how sorry he was and started with the first song, "burial". many people were weird out by the beginning of the song and left. the atmosphere was strange, no one really danced and was under the spell of the beat and i felt awkward to dance and stopped after some time. their most famous song "animal" they played little after. then they had "silvya", "song for no one", "in search of" and "faker" in their repertoire. After the first couple of songs people got more into it and the stage diving started and that was how wild the crowd got.
but miike snow got at least one new fan that night - me.

to get away from sweaty bodies for a while, we went to tea drops which is a place to go, always, every time, day and night - a tea shop with style.
we split a blended almond milk and got back in time to see ida marie starting. it was obvious that most people were there for her. ida marie gave the impression of a tough drinking norwegian woman with her anouncements of her songs. she started out with a fast song and it followed "stella and god", "morning light", "forgive me" and after all "i like you so much better when you are naked" where every one started to get more into it and started to dance and sing, because hey, that's her one famous song, haha. after that song the event was over for us, since it was about to be done, and we had seen enough. we had survived a pretty hard fist fight in the middle of ida marie's show, and sweating bodies.

A Start

well, well, well, here we are now. again. my second blog. i know i was cursing the day i started to write a blog about my year in america and now it is almost over, but i don't know...people told me that they wanted to read my blog and - since it was in german - it did not work out for them, and then on the other hand people did not want me to stop writing. making a compromise i'll start writing a blog in english about things that are happening in my life, change my life, made my life, and are important in my life.
it might turn out to be complete bullshit and i won't keep up with it, but let's give it a try.