Saturday, October 10, 2009


there is not much i can say about the bean town, for i have only been there one day, a sunday in addition. but when i flew in, it was the night of 4th july and i could see all the fireworks from above boston harbor. beautiful, but not as beautiful as it would have been from down on earth, i believe. i planned do get this view, too, but one of my bags got lost on the flight, and the other problem was, that you cannot secure your lugage at the airport anymore, thanks to september 11th. my entire plan, putting my bags in a safe room, sleep at the airport and go in town did not work out, so i had to find a hotel room for the night, yay.

i did the best out of it and ordered the hotel's shuttel and drove into the city at 6 am. early, i know. even if it had not been a sunday, the stores still would have been closed. yet, i walked through town, took pictures and did some sight seeing. it was a sunny day and i got the impression of a nice city right by the sea side, where you can hear the seagulls sing, the sea air blow through your hair and everything is idyllic. i was sure, that there would have been more life to another day time and weekday. the only bad impression i got, were all the homeless people in town. i walked through this little park to drink my coffee when every single bench was already occupied by a sleeping person. there was this chinese homeless couple doing there yoga or whatever in front of the lake and i don't know. it was a strange feeling.

i did not have a map at all, but somehow i managed to go places, until the early noon, when i walked this one street down and down and down and was wondering, why i did not get back to my subway station. luckily i found my way and got back to the hotel to get my flight to reykjavik and closer to home...