Monday, October 12, 2009


paris, hooray. after i went through the doors of the airport without giving any notice to the toll, even though i had the bags filled up with clothes i bought in the us and should have told about - i was lucky and did not get caught - i ordered a cap, for i thought it was the best way with my trillion bags and uncertain location of my hostel. well, yeah, i went straight into a traffic jam and the ride cost me 50 euro- uh, i was so pummed, not. my hostel was precious "hotel des jeunes" close to the louvre. i spent my days walking through paris, admiring all the architectures, people, places, faces - everything. my french was bad, but it got better with time. understanding wasn't the problem, even though people tended to think i couldn't tell what they were talking about me.
i visited parsons school of design and a girl from iceland gave me tour and told me about school life there. the building itself was really unconsiderable, i almost walked passed it, but i liked it. it would only be interesting for me in the first year, anyways, for the fashion building is situated somewhere else. i fell in love with the school, a little, but yeah, i have to get tons of scholarships to attend this school.
thankfully i didn't have to be all alone these four days. the first day i met grace from melbourne and i went to a cafe right at the seine and drank some wine with her. i thought she was my age, well almost...25 isn't that much of a difference, huh? haha
the next day i got to know manon and she was really super nice. manon with her 21 years has lived in all parts of france, i'm not kidding, and luck was on my side that she had lived in australia for three months,too, so her english was good. manon was planning to move from south france to paris for university, and needed perfect english for the audition, so i practiced with her.
we spend an evening sitting next to the seine, which was nice.
she also helped me on my last day to get to the train station. i could never have handeled the way there without her. i can't say that french people are rude to foreigners like everyone always tells me.
i heart paris and i wasn't even shopping - surprising, huh?