Tuesday, October 13, 2009


london, this time not a trip alone, no, i flew over to england with two friends of mine. we stayed at the clink hostel, which was pretty good in my eyes. renovated, colorful, and right at kings cross. well, we walked a lot and walked, and walked, different from paris.
in london everything is wide spread and without the subway you cannot get to all places you want to fast. sight seeing of course, and shopping was a big part of the trip. mainly because we couldn't do much besides, for you don't have a life there when you are under 18. i had found out some concerts like the cinematics, but we weren't allowed to see them, becaue we weren't 18 and the event took place in a bar. so inconvenient. we just talked to one of the band members and he was like yeah, you should get in and see us. cool, we have fans from germany, cool, man, and bla bla. that was the end of our night life and all the clubs and places i had written down earlier. so we sat in soho square park and watched people and imagined their story why they were sitting there, pretty amusing actually.
again i used the opportunity and looked at another school - central saint martins college of art and design. i don't know, but i think parsons would fit me better, because they coorporate with other countries and the traffic in britain, uh, and i don't know, the flair is just different.
still, i liked london.
people were crazy, and i liked that.
and the british accent= <3...well for some time, i don't know about having to listen to it all the time, i think i prefer the american english.