Monday, May 10, 2010

electronic beats

uuuh, can't wait for this. two acts i really wanted to see all along, one i've already seen, and two that seem pretty decent as well - all this for little money. better be there!

may 20th e-werk, cologne

i truly love this song! last summer i had to watch it every day, cause solely listening to it didn't do it - the combination of visual and music is mesmerizing. oh, summer of 2009, haha.

this video, as well, is precious - just like all the other videos by johannes nyholm - i'll post some later on.

kinda excited to see how miike snow will be welcomed in cologne, since kansas city was sceptical - but it also was 2 years ago so they weren't that well-known like nowadays.

bloc party's lead singer

haha, i just had to post this - well, whatever.