Sunday, September 12, 2010

thieves like us - headlong into night

did you ever try to recreate
past events all caught up in your head
copies can be such an empty fix
dreams left on an infinite repeat

cant believe i'm sitting next to you

outside trains they keep on passing by
see the sunlight captured in your hair
see the sunlight captured on your neck

your face a sample in my head

it refrains every day
like waves do
like waves do

if i could wipe you from my mind

i'd do it straightaway
like waves do
like waves do

i'm running headlong into night

just to wipe you from my mind
like waves do
so help me to

you are long overdue - there's no space left for you, neither in my head, nor in my heart
someone's wiping you away and that's a good thing

'es tut mir leid, alter'